About Us

MT Pockets Laser is a Vermont based company located in Hancock, VT. It provides custom laser cutting and etching for both business and personal requirements.

MT Pockets Laser staff are adventurous, creative, and open minded towards customer's satisfaction that creates an open honest relationship with the customers. MT Pockets Laser's friendly staff works together, plays together as an extended family would to build a positive team that creates an excellent quality product for our customers.

Items to be cut or engraved can range from recognition products, promotional items, fund raising, personal gifts, memorials to name a few.

Artwork Requirements

MT Pockets Laser can help guide you to get the desired look and feel of the product you desire. If you have the tools to create the images, that's great. If not,we'll work with you all the way through.

For laser engraving on plaques, acrylic, or wood we can accept bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), or Tagged Image File Format (.tif or .tiff) for your images or graphics. The finished product is determined by the resolution of the file. We suggest a resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI) or greater for images and graphics. Although we can scan photographs, better quality is obtained from digital images.

For best results, we accept Corel Draw files as vector artwork. If you are unable to supply artwork in a vector format, we can convert it for an additional fee.

If any of your artwork requires touch-up or corrective work, we can perform that as well.

Decisions to make before ordering your custom engraving project:

Some items* that you have may also be laser engraved, depending on the shape/size of the item as well as the type of material and what you would like to have engraved. You can email some pictures (top and side views) of the item (or link to the item) along with a detailed description of your project (including the image, photo, logo or text you would like to have engraved as well as the overall size of the engraving) to Email and you'll receive a reply with an estimate or a quote if the project can be completed with the CO2 laser. Items like genuine leather notebooks or cases, wooden boxes or plaques, cast acrylic, or anodized aluminum are examples of materials that can be laser engraved if they are flat and will fit inside the laser.

Please bare with us as we build this site. It's definitely a work in progress!